What is Live Casino?

live casino

Live casino is an innovative type of online casino game that allows players to connect with a real dealer over a video feed. The live dealer can deal cards, spin the roulette wheel and create an authentic casino experience for players. You can use the same account that you would with regular online casino gaming to place bets and let the dealer know your decisions. You can also chat with other players and the dealer to add a social element to the experience.

Typically, a live casino will offer multiple table games. There are the classics like blackjack, roulette and baccarat but there are many variations on each. Some will allow you to make side bets on your hand while others will give you additional payouts for matched pair, three-of-a-kind and suited hands. In addition, you can play for higher stakes in some live casinos.

There are a few different types of live casino software but they all function in a similar way. Each dealer is connected to a video feed from the studio and a control room. They will then use special software to control their bets and wagers. The croupiers will also have their own equipment such as roulette wheels, cards and cameras. The resulting live stream can then be played on the player’s computer or mobile device.

In order to make a live casino work the software must be accurate enough to process the bets correctly. This is why the croupiers will have to go through intensive training. They must learn how to read and understand the rules of the games they are playing. In addition, the croupiers will need to be able to speak clearly and concisely.

The software that runs live casinos must be able to detect specific symbols and numbers on the cards as well as where the ball has landed on the roulette wheel. This is achieved by a system known as optical character recognition (OCR) which is now being used in areas such as medical and insurance. The technology can be very fast and accurate and will often be a fraction of the time it takes for human beings to recognise these symbols and figures.

Depending on the game you’re playing you may be able to interact with the dealers using a text chat feature. This works the same way as chat functions on social media platforms. This is particularly useful when playing a game of blackjack, where the dealer can read your bets and let you know if you have won or lost.

A live casino is the closest thing to a real gambling establishment without actually leaving the comfort of your own home. The fact that the games are run by real people rather than software makes them much more realistic and exciting. In addition, they are fair and can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The only downside to this type of gambling is that it can be expensive.

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