MMA Betting Lines and Markets

mma betting

The UFC has made a name for itself as one of the most exciting sports to watch, but it also offers fans the chance to place wagers on the action. The sport has a unique betting format that allows bettors to win by making predictions about how a fight will end. While MMA may not have as many props available as other major sports, the oddsmakers at online sportsbooks still offer a bevy of fun betting options. These include bets on method of victory, round over/unders and fight to go the distance.

Unlike the major North American sports leagues, which have commissioned studies to determine the financial impact of legalized betting, the UFC has yet to do so. It is likely that the MMA industry will benefit from legal sports betting, as increased viewership and sponsorship opportunities will result in more revenue for the fighters and their organizations. The sport has a wide audience around the world and is growing rapidly, so it is worth investing some time into learning about its betting lines and markets.

Moneyline Bet – In this bet, the bettor chooses which fighter they believe will win the fight. This is a popular bet type for casual bettors and can be very profitable if done correctly. The key is to look for value in the odds and understand how the fighters’ fighting styles match up. For example, a southpaw fighter is usually at an advantage versus an orthodox fighter, and this should be taken into consideration when betting.

Over/Under Totals – This bet is similar to an over/under in basketball or football, but with a few different twists. First, the number of rounds is much smaller in MMA, and second, the fighters’ styles can have an effect on how quickly the fight will end. For example, if you’re betting on two defensive fighters, the fight might last longer and an over/under bet might pay off.

DraftKings offers a good variety of MMA betting markets, including the ability to make parlays. This type of bet requires all outcomes to be correct for a bettor to win, but the payouts can be substantial. In addition, the vigorish on these bets is quite reasonable, averaging around 4% on moneyline and totals wagers.

In addition to a slew of UFC betting markets, DraftKings also offers a wide selection of daily fantasy MMA contests. These contests feature a variety of prize pools, with the top payouts eclipsing $50,000. DraftKings is an excellent option for MMA betting, and its user-friendly mobile app is a welcome addition to the UFC experience. It’s also fully compatible with the MGM loyalty program. Read our full DraftKings review to learn more.

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