How SGP Pools Is Leveraging Technology to Meet Customer Needs and Expectations

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In an era where advancements in technology have fast-tracked digital adoption, Singapore Pools is working with its partners to leverage new technologies to better meet customer needs and expectations. This includes adopting a new digital strategy that provides greater visibility and insights across multiple layers of its IT infrastructure.

This will help to ensure that it is operating at its optimum capacity. In addition, it will help to minimise the impact of downtime during high-volume transactional periods. This will ultimately result in a better customer experience, resulting in increased revenue for Singapore Pools.

Aside from the increased revenue, SGP will also benefit from a reduction in costs and risk. The adoption of Oracle Cloud Observability and Management helps to minimize risks, ensures proper governance of data, and reduces the number of hours required for incident resolution. It also allows Singapore Pools to optimise system resources in real-time, which is especially helpful during times of peak demand.

Another key factor in SGP’s decision to move to Oracle was its ability to scale easily as it grows. This is important because SGP will be moving to new data centers in 2022, which means it must be able to accommodate the additional volume of transactions and data. Additionally, the Oracle platform can provide better visibility into IT operations so that SGP can detect issues more quickly and respond accordingly.

SGP has already started implementing its new digital strategy. For instance, it has introduced a new self-service portal that makes it easier for its customers to check results and manage their accounts. This portal will be available on both desktop and mobile platforms. In addition, SGP has improved its website design to make it more user-friendly.

SGP has also begun to use social media to interact with its customers. Its staff members have been encouraged to share their opinions and comments through forums, which will then be incorporated into ongoing company strategy. The forums have proven to be an effective communication tool for SGP, allowing employees to feel connected and engaged with their organization. The resulting dialogue has also led to improved service levels for its customers. In addition to this, SGP has improved its customer engagement by increasing the number of promotional events and giveaways. SGP has also been able to attract new customers by offering competitive prices for its products and services. This has helped the company to increase its market share in Singapore. In order to maintain its growth, SGP will continue to work with its partners to enhance its offerings and stay ahead of the competition. This will include introducing new games and rewards, and developing mobile apps for its customers.

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