The Domino Effect

Dominoes, also called bones, cards, men, or pieces, are flat, rectangular plastic tiles normally twice as long as they are wide. Each has a line in the middle to divide it visually into two squares, and each side is marked with a number of dots, called pips. The number of pips on each end of the domino determines its rank or value; a tile with more pips is higher in rank than one with fewer pips. The most common domino variant is a double-six set with 28 tiles, which can be used for many different games.

There are many variations of domino, and the rules for each may differ slightly from place to place. The basic instructions given on this website apply to most of these, though. A domino is normally played across the table, on a line of play that can be either lengthwise or crosswise. Each player then places a domino in the line of play, positioning it so that its pips match those on the ends of the chain being built.

The result is that a domino, or series of dominoes, can build an enormously complex and elaborate sequence of action. Some people even build domino chains in a sort of competitive art, and the results can be astonishing. These chains can be made to form lines that are curved or straight, grids that reveal pictures, or 3D structures like towers and pyramids.

Another interesting aspect of the domino is that, like a firing neuron in the human body, the pulse of the falling domino travels at a constant speed, does not lose energy, and can only go one way. This is why the domino effect is such a powerful phenomenon, and it is one of the principles that can be applied to success in writing fiction.

In the case of Domino’s, the new CEO David Brandon understood that the company was losing customers, and he worked to change this. He implemented a series of new changes, including a relaxed dress code and leadership training programs, and he began to speak directly to workers to learn what they wanted the company to do differently. This approach helped the company to win back its customers.

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